Aftercare with Skinial

Why are aftercare rules so important!

After treatment, the regeneration of the treated area is influenced by many factors. In addition to the main factors influencing the general health situation and your immune system, genetic factors and the way in which they support healing have an impact on recovery.

The treatment itself is rarely due to the hygienic design itself cause of the inflammation. For larger tattoos, the risk of scarring is of course higher than for little ones. To avoid complications, follow carefully the follow-up instructions to minimize the occurrence of side effects.

Aftercare Rules

Aftercare of the treated areas

Please pay attention to !

  • Keep the treated area dry!

  • Do not expose to strong sunlight!

  • Avoid friction (clothing, belts, jewelery), do not scratch, do not close.

  • Do not apply Scar-Care-Creme for better healing and faster regeneration until the crust is gone.

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Before And After.






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