How Does It Work


A video explains  how Skinial Tatoo Removal Whitout Laser works.

  • A natural method of tattoo removal without laser

  • We don't fade ... we remove the ink!

  • Less pain + less treatments + lower costs

  • German technology - patented method developed by doctors and pharmacists

  • Successful in many countries arround the world

1. First advantage is that all colors and color mixtures are easily removed

This not only applies to tattoo inks, permanent make-up colors but also varnishes, and special blends. In almost all cases, the color can be removed from the treated area immediately at the first treatment.

2. The biggest advantage is the low number of treatments

The number of treatments is significantly lower compared to the laser because with each treatment, the color is definitely removed and not only slowly fades. As a result, the distance is faster and the costs are sometimes considerably reduced.

3. It is an advantage that no residues remain in the bodyved

The tattoo ink leaves the body again over the skin surface. Lactic acid is a physiological substance that transforms the body completely into glucose within a few hours. There are no harmful substances left behind.

4. Less pain is the forth advantage

The removal with the Skinial method feels similar to the previous tattooing. Pain as with the laser removal does not arise.

Four advantages of the Skinial method

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